If you're considering a safari for 2022 and beyond, we want to provide you with the best information on how you can book that trip. With COVID, health and safety being on the top of travelers lists of concerns in this tricky times we live in, we would like to put your mind at ease with providing you with information that will surely make you jump at the opportunity to join us for your holidays in our gorgeous Safari’s.

A perfect and safe place to travel that’s what Africa still offers, especially in the Safari. The safari being different from other forms of travel being resorts or cruise vacations, there will be no need to be in close vicinity with large numbers of other travelers. Then the conclusion being social distancing is inherent in the African bush. 

Other benefits to look forward to while being in the African bush the healthiest natural air to breathe, far away from large cities, over population and pollution. 

Besides the first terrible predictions, in regards to COVID. Africa has managed to weather the storm very well. The number of daily infections has managed to remain very low further more stable in comparison to other countries in the world. 

So, Travel2Africa invites you and yours to spend your planned vacations or spontaneous short lefts with us in lovely Africa. Enjoy the Safari and make your bookings with us.