On The Menu

One of your tour guide will ensure that you won't go hungry and make you taste some of the South African many delicacies. Before your arrival you will have completed our food & drink questionnaire which will help us to plan ahead a diversify menu suited to your taste and palette.

on the menu


Being the most important meal of the day, we will ensure that you get your dose of protein that will give you energy for you journey. cereal, yogurt, fruits, eggs, bacon, sausage, cheese, chutney, mince. A simple standard breakfast but with a South African twist…


Lunch is normally taken on the go depending of the schedule and itinerary. It can take place in a picnic area, rest area or simply while travelling in the car. We will also take the opportunity when the occasion arise to make you taste some of the local delicacy. Biltong, fruits, cook sister, rust, etc...

Supper / Evening Meal

This is where we would like to spoil you. Have a good rest at the camp, enjoy your surrounding and the beautiful landscape, just take a sip of your wine and relax. We will prepare you a nice meal…

Meal are normally decided a day in advance but can also be adapted on the same day depending of the overall mood of the troop and also depending on food availability. We do offer almost any type of meal but our primary focus will be to make you taste a variety of South African dishes along the way.

South African Dishes
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