Nestled in a private concession in the Kruger National Park, some reserve area are well known for its abundance of wildlife and breath-taking panoramic views. These getaway’s are ideal for nature lovers and the adventure seekers. Open yourself to endless possibilities as you encounter a myriad of wildlife. Experience action packed walking trails at the tented camp. You will be accommodated in comfortable adventure-style tents with immaculate views of the bush and a watering hole that attracts fauna. An abundance of freely moving wildlife will be at your doorstep. Pioneer your way through the bush on foot, during the walking safaris at the renowned Camp. Experience fine bush dining in the breath-taking dining room area.

A walking tour is a tour of a historical or cultural site undertaken on foot, frequently in an urban setting. Short tours can last under an hour, while longer ones can take in multiple sites and last a full day or more.


  • Take some entertainment for down time in safari camps – smartphone games, iPad apps, books, colouring stuff, playing cards, etc.
  • Pack a small rucksack for each child to use as a day pack, great for taking in vehicles or planes.
  • Be adventurous, children are more robust than you think and families often really enjoy simple fly camping and walking.
  • Don’t rush – we advise at least three nights per safari camp – and don’t try to do too much on one family holiday.

Embark on morning and afternoon game drives in specialized safari vehicles. Spot the Big Five and an abundance of other wildlife. Savor a traditional South African barbeque next to a crackling fire. Doze off under the stars in the camp's renowned Sleep Out camp.

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