Why Choosing Us

1 Customization & flexibility

Contrary to most travel agencies, we entirely customized your itinerary according to your taste, budget and/or other requirements.

Once your itinerary has been defined and agreed upon, we will secure your booking in all the different region that you will be visiting. Once done, we will establish a travelling schedule where we will define the preferred departure time and estimated arrival time between one location to another.

But during your stay on any of these locations, you will be master of your destiny and we will give you the flexibility to do what pleases you by giving explaining and identifying all options at your disposal. You can also simply decide to do nothing and relax, nothing wrong with this…

2 We maximize your time

Because we are travelling at time some long distance in a short period of time, timing is of upmost importance.

We will therefore maximize your holiday and make sure that you make the most of it, and we will not rush you unless we absolutely need to. Less people in a tour makes it easier to manage and to direct.

3 Competitive pricing

Our prices are lesser than what your nearest tourism office offers you. Why? Simply because you are going direct to the people habiting the land and no middle man are involved in the process.

You will be paying much less but will get much more... You will be receiving a 4 stars treatment and will be staying in the most beautiful accommodation in South Africa. You will be accompany at all time by your private guide and personal chief giving you a sense of security and exclusivity.

4 We love South Africa

We just love South Africa and we want to share it with you. With 11 official languages, this country is extremely interesting culture wise and has a tumultuous history behind. South Africa is currently facing a multitude of challenge and the current synergy between all different groups in the society makes the dynamic simply incredible

This country is amazing, people are friendly, the countryside is stunning and the weather is excellent… What else can you ask for?

5 An in-depth cultural experience

I have personally been travelling in many countries and the part that I like the most during my travel experience is my exchange with the habitant. For me this is the only way to truly enjoy an adventure and fully appreciate the land you are stepping on.

During your visit you will always be accompany by our main tour guide who will try to answer all your questions and make sure you discover every little corner of South Africa. But you will also be accompany by one of our native team member who will be able to converse with you in English and share their way of living, immerse you in their culture, and share their thought about everything related to South Africa in its current state of affairs.

We have also established over the years some good relationship with well established charity organization by way of funding and mutual exchange, therefore enabling us to give you the opportunity to bring you directly in the township, church, arts & cultures centre or in the rural area and to make you discover first-hand the way of living of the majority of South African.

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