South Africa fascinates. A cultural tour will help you understand what makes the 'rainbow nation' so arresting. On cultural tours of South Africa you can buy from artisan producers in the foothills of the Drakensberg Mountains and discover old gold rush towns towards Mpumalanga. Then, there are traditional homestays in Zululand and meetings with the Xhosa on South Africa's Wild Coast.

Cultural tours in South Africa are less about the Big Five and more about the Big Nine – provinces, that is, each with its own distinct cultural heritage. From braais and bunny chow to responsible township tours and wine tasting, discover what makes a Rainbow Nation. Cultural tours in South Africa can encompass everything from Winelands to townships. You can shop at local markets for Swazi blown glass or Zulu beadwork, blend spices at a Cape Malay cooking workshop, join the party at an Afrikaans braai (barbecue), or dig into Cape Town street food.


  • Take some entertainment for down time in safari camps – smartphone games, iPad apps, books, colouring stuff, playing cards, etc.
  • Pack a small rucksack for each child to use as a day pack, great for taking in vehicles or planes.
  • Be adventurous, children are more robust than you think and families often really enjoy simple fly camping and walking.
  • Don’t rush – we advise at least three nights per safari camp – and don’t try to do too much on one family holiday.

Some tours take in a stretch of the magnificent Garden Route, allowing you to learn about medicinal plants and traditional hunting techniques in a Xhosa village, or admire the art deco architecture of Durban. Even the longest holiday in South Africa can only skim the surface here but travelling with responsible tour operators ensures that not only will you make the most of your time but also that your trip will have real benefits to the communities you visit.

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